Three Products Similar to Chairlifts in Portsmouth

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Health and Fitness

Spending your hard-earned money on a mobility aid isn’t ideal, but when you consider the fact that scooters, wheelchairs, stairlifts and chairlifts in Portsmouth give you a higher level of independence, the investment is certainly worth it. Chairlifts work by travelling up and down a steel cable. Safe and efficient, they are available in an array of styles to suit every user. Before you buy a chairlift, check out the following related products and consider using them to regain freedom.


Stairlifts are slightly different to chairlifts in Portsmouth because they don’t accommodate wheelchair users in the same way. These mobility aids work better for individuals who feel comfortable bending their knees and being able to actually get on and off the chair. Much like chairlifts they are manufactured with a selection of buttons and controls, such as a start, stop, forward and back feature. They will either have an ACDC or battery supply, but most have a battery back-up option so that in the event of power problems, the user can still move up and down the stairs safely on the device. When buying a used product, ask if it is covered by warranty to avoid forking out for expensive part replacement.


A mechanised vehicle could make a big difference to your life if you head outdoors on the regular. Forget about being confined to the four walls of your home, because with a scooter you can ride along public pathways and get the weekly shopping done, and more! Scooters are able to break, turn, start, stop, speed up and slow down. They can be used both outdoors and indoors, offering a great level of freedom for someone with mobility problems.

Mobile Stander

Someone who requires help when walking should invest in a mobile stander, which does more than chairlifts in Portsmouth. Designed to make walking easier for the individual when in an upright position, it not only promotes good blood circulation but also, supports the user. When using a movable standing device like this, as well as chairlifts, you can learn how to explore buildings and other areas with ease. Sit, stand and recline are three of the most common control options featured on a mobile stander, but some come with several features.

Adjustable beds, recline chairs and chairlifts in Portsmouth are available through Bentley Mobility. Call them to arrange for the installation of stairlifts and related products.

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