Qualifications For First Aid Training Providers?

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Health and Fitness

When it comes time to take a first aid course, do you know what to look for? Are you aware that first aid training providers must meet certain requirements? Do you understand the specific regulations and qualifications for offering these courses? Below you will find a brief summary of what to look for in providers when you decide to take a first aid course.


If you operate a nursery, you must have the appropriate first aid measures in place. They must satisfy the regulations of two specific bodies:

  1. Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
  2. Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skill (Ofsted) EYFS (or alternative if not falling under Ofsted)

Whether you are operating a day-care facility or have a child of your own, consider these qualifications to provide a basis for selecting a course in first aid. Training providers holding these credentials possess the basis for a positive teaching/learning experience. While they are legal obligations for various educational facilities, they also indicate the commitment of the first aid training organization to ensuring the highest possible quality of training.

Also, consider levels and types. While many offer a beginners’ first aid course, the best offer different types, and levels. If they do not offer a variety of different types of course – indeed the providers may focus on one specific group of learners, e.g., parents, employees, be sure to check that they have the right certification to teach the courses.

First Aid Training Providers

First aid training providers must have certain certification and possess the right regulated qualifications to instruct their clients in the different levels of first aid. At Daisy First Aid Ltd, our staff is in full compliance with the latest standards of the HSE guidelines. This includes both training and assessment aspects. At Daisy First Aid, you can take any paediatric first aid course knowing it fulfils all obligations.

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