The Traditional Option Of Sash Windows For Kent Homes

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Doors and Windows

In existing homes as well as new home construction throughout Kent, many homeowners are seeking to create a traditional, classic look to all elements of the home design. This includes the windows, with sash windows offering the classic look of windows in the Georgian, Victorian or Regency styles of architecture.

The Basic Design

The design of this type of window is very easy to identify. It includes a single frame with a sliding option where one window travels behind the other to open. In the history of the style, a counterweight of lead on a window cord is used to create the sliding motion for the windows. New styles use springs, eliminating the need for the counterweight and providing an easier to open and close window option.

Other options in styles were seen in different periods. These include the choice of fixed side panes and a central sash to open and close. Horizontal openings were also used traditionally as well as multiple panes in larger windows for greater control of the air movement through the window. Arched windows are also seen with this window option.

While modern styles of sash windows can be a single pane of glass for each of the sashes, there are also those with smaller lights or panes separated by glazing bars. These smaller panes of glass are arranged in even numbers for a two over two, a six over six or an eight over eight pattern.

Low Maintenance Options

Traditionally made of wood, today’s sash windows can be treated with specialty products to reduce maintenance. Only requiring recoating every several years, these windows can be designed to match any period design. They are also essential to maintain the traditional look of an existing home or to create a classic look for any new home construction in Kent. Visit The Window Sanctuary for more information.

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