Get the Most Out of Your Skip Hire in Abingdon

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Hiring a skip hire is easy but you need to know how to maximize on the skip. Even though the skips are used to collect waste, you should find out if there are any rules when using it. Having the important information in good time ensures that you have a fabulous experience with the skip hire company.

Not all Waste is Acceptable

Skip hire in Abingdon is suitable for domestic, commercial and DIY projects. Make sure you inform the hiring company about the kind of waste that you want to dispose of. Some skip hire companies have reservations on some waste so ask them about it. If you have waste that they do not accept, ask them to recommend a company that will help you to dispose of the waste. Some local authorities are specific on the kind of waste that should not be disposed of in skips. Waste management companies are ambassadors of the environment. Most companies recycle as much waste as possible before dumping in landfills. The company is also capable of advising you on the right skip to hire depending on the kind of waste and the amount.

Legal consideration and safety

Plan where the skip will be placed before the delivery time. If you need to clear the area, do so. For your safety, choose a place away from electricity lines and hanging trees. Consider a place where you can easily put the waste and where the delivery lorry can deliver and pick the skip with ease. You also need to get a permit from the local authority if you want to place the skip on council land. If you want to store the skip on someone else’s land, talk to them before the delivery. It is inconveniencing to relocate the skip being delivered. Do not fill the skip to overflowing; this prevents the skip from spilling over and easy for people to carry. Visit the website for more information.

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