The different types of electric gates

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Garage Doors

Automatic gates in Taunton make entering or exiting a fenced area very convenient, they are also an ideal way to prevent unauthorised access to the property. Electric gates can swing, fold or slide; they can be activated from a number of remote devices which include a push button controller, a keypad or a sensor. The motors that are used to activate the mechanism are usually attached directly to the mains but can also be battery powered using a solar powered charger.

Motorised gates are used for commercial, industrial and residential entry and exit; they offer convenience to those entering or exiting the property. They can be opened from the confines of a car which makes them ideal when the weather is bad, this type of gate automation also provides additional security if the facility is located in an area with a high crime rate.

Any type of gate can be automated; swinging, folding or sliding. A swinging gate is operated by a powerful motor that turns the gate on its hinges. Swinging gates can be single but in the majority of cases there are two gates, one swinging from each side of the drive, this design cuts down on the length of gate that might interfere with traffic. Swinging gates are popular; they can be constructed from wood, steel or aluminium and are often fitted with ornate hardware. You can click here to get more details.

Folding gates are used in locations where there is limited space available. A folding gate is made up from several short panels which are all connected by hinges. The electric gate operator is attached to the outermost panel with a cable, as the panel is pulled in the other panels fold up on each other.

If there is sufficient room on either side of the drive a popular design is a sliding gate. Automatic gates in Taunton roll on a rail that runs a ground level. The operating mechanism uses a chain and pulley arrangement that is driven by an electric motor. Sliding gates are ideal if there is very little driveway apron, they are usually found when the gate is located very close to the road.

The majority of automatic gates in Taunton are activated by a keypad that is mounted on or near the gate post; the pad will only operate only if a security code is entered. Another common method to open and lose the gate is to use a remote controller which is carried in the homeowner’s car.

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