When You Need Garage Door Repairs in Taunton Call on G&T Garage Doors

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Garage Doors

There are many things that can lead to you needing to call for garage door repairs in Taunton and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the most common causes we see when it comes to repairing calls that we get from people in the area:

Motors – when the motors start to die, your garage doors won’t open and close as quickly and easily. When it dies, your doors will be stuck open or closed.

Door Panels – when the door panels become damaged, the door can stick or not close fully which leaves your possessions vulnerable and exposed to damage or even theft.

Springs – tension coils and springs are what supports the door and help it move along the tracks; the springs are under high levels of tension and can wear out quickly to where they are at risk for failure.

Rollers – when it comes to the movement of your garage doors, the rollers are what keeps things moving along nice and smooth. When they become worn down or caked with gunk, they need to be repaired.

Controllers – there is a controller usually on the wall of the home near the garage and a controller in the vehicle in most cases. If one of these stops working, you won’t be able to open or close your garage doors.

New Installs – we end up doing many new installs when making a call for garage door repairs in Taunton because the damage is so extensive or severe the best option is a complete upgrade.

To learn more about the services offered or to get answers to your questions, contact G & T Garage Doors & Gates. There are here to help you and can take care of any garage door repairs you may need.

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