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Surface dressing is a cost effective solution to maintain roads

Although it isn’t very popular with motorists, surface dressing is a most cost effective way of keeping a road in good condition. When the surface of a road deteriorates, vehicles become prone to skidding, and water can enter into the surface of the road. This water, particularly if it freezes, is then a cause of potholes developing. What surface dressing entails is that hot bitumen is sprayed onto the surface of the road, and this re-coats the surface. Immediately following this, there will be a coating of chippings that need to be rolled into the surface of the road. As a result, skidding resistance is restored.

When and how would surface dressing take place?

As this process requires warm weather, it would normally take place between April and August. Ideally, dry weather is needed so that the surface can set properly. Soon after the surface dressing has taken place, traffic again has access to the road. However, speed limits are put in place as the chippings are still loose and can easily fly and damage a vehicle or crack a windscreen. This is the reason that motorists dislike driving on roads that have been surface dressed. However, the weight of the vehicles passing over the road is a useful part of settling the chippings into the surface. Should the speed limits be adhered to, the chances of a flying chip causing damage is minimised. Most surfaces that have been dressed in this way will be left for seven days so that proper compacting takes places. After this, any loose chippings would need to be swept up, and then the process is complete. Click here to know more.

Why use surface dressing in Abingdon?

Apart from the fact that it’s cost effective and prevents skidding, the road is also again protected from winter damage. Doing a complete re-tarmacking is very costly and surface dressing can extend the life of a road for many years. Although the public don’t enjoy the surface dressing process, it is actually a lot less disruptive, as it’s far quicker than a complete re-surfacing of a road. A company specializing in surface dressing will usually apply a waterproof seal as well, and will ensure the continued safety of the road.

Hazell and Jefferies Ltd are surface dressing contractors providing complete footway and road maintenance services in Abingdon, UK and surrounding areas.

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