Replace or Lubricate Patio Doors?

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Doors and Windows

Doors are movable and as such, they should be easy to open and close. However, if you realise that you have a hard time opening or closing your patio door, something is wrong. To remedy the situation, contact a glazing company that deals with wheels on doors in Esher. They will either adjust the wheels or replace them. How will they identify where the problem is and chose the right solutions?

Adjusting the wheels

To adjust the wheels, they will have to look for the adjusting screw. In most doors, the screws are located at the bottom end of the door on either side. Some doors have blanking plug which covers the adjustment wheel: the plug is removed. There are two kinds of screws on the door; an adjustment screw and a fixing screw. A fixing screw holds the patio together. The glazer will adjust the door using a long screw driver. After he does it, he will shut the door to examine if the adjustment is level by looking at the gap between the frame and the patio. If the door is still difficult to operate, then the wheels may be the problem.

Removing the patio door

The glazer removes the door to examine the state of the wheels. Do they need to be replaced or lubricated? He removes the door by turning the screws anticlockwise. A lot of caution must be taken to avoid damage to the door, sill, and frame. He then separates the lower side of the door from the frame as that is where the wheels are fitted. A quick examination on the wheels will tell whether he will replace or lubricate them.

Our proficient glazers at P & P Glass take caution not to damage your door. They are quick when examining your doors so it does not cause you any inconveniences. Do not be stuck with a difficult door to open, call us and we will find a solution for the door.

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