Methods of Asbestos Testing in London

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Business

Keeping safe from exposure to asbestos all starts with asbestos testing in London. Don’t just think that because your property is fairly new or that you have not exhibited symptoms that a problem might not be present, because asbestos can be a silent killer for years. In fact, for a lot of victims who deal with deteriorated health and lung complications after working in a trade where asbestos was widely used, the symptoms don’t become clear until decades later. Blue and brown asbestos are the two most dangerous types of this naturally occurring mineral and if you are to know exactly what kind of asbestos exists in your property’s roofing, siding or flooring, a professional abatement team must be contacted. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which asbestos containing materials (ACMs) can be tested for.

Class A Asbestos Testing

The most dangerous form of asbestos is friable asbestos, which can release its fibres into the atmosphere if it is disturbed in some way. Considered a ‘class A’ material, the banned material is usually found in older properties and most commonly, in insulation. A lot of commercial buildings will contain friable asbestos, proving why asbestos testing in London is essential. Stoves, ovens and ceilings may also be tested with Class A asbestos testing methods, because the fire-resistant material was used for the creation of these things in the past.

Class B Asbestos Testing

While it may not be deemed as dangerous as ‘class A’ asbestos, the ‘class B’ material will still need to be identified with asbestos testing in London. This kind will also be described as bonded asbestos, which is a fibre-cement product. Usually found in hardened surfaces, such as toughened matrix, it will be embedded and hard to remove without professional help. The experts you hire may detect ‘class B’ asbestos tubes that are circular, corrugated or flat.

What to Look for in a Professional

It’s not possible for just anybody to perform the job of asbestos testing in London, let alone removal. Remember that if the dangerous material is damaged when it is being picked up and transported away from the affected premises, there is a high risk of exposure and air contamination. Inhalation of asbestos particles will eventually lead to asbestos or lung cancer, which may be untreatable. To feel confident that the asbestos abatement team is well-equipped, check their references, licenses and level of experience. Asking about what type of equipment they use will also tell you a lot.

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