Receiving Regular Oil Changes Extends the Life of Your Vehicle

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Automotive

No matter what kind of car you drive most top car care experts will agree that one of the most beneficial things you can do for your vehicle is maintain routine oil changes. A vehicle’s engine is complicated and made up of a series of movable parts, all of which require ample lubrication to function properly and avoid damage. Over time, the vital oil lubricating your engine becomes contaminated with dirt and debris and begins to break down. When this happens your fluid levels can become low, and the dirty oil inside creates unwanted friction within your engine causing gradual damage. When you consider that the engine is one of the most expensive components to fix within a vehicle, it makes sense to be sure you are proactive with its oil changes.

Proper Servicing to Your Vehicle’s Engine Saves You Money

When you compare the average cost of yearly oil changes, and the price you will pay to replace a seized engine you can easily see why getting regular oil changes are a good habit to get into. While it is possible to learn to change your own oil, it is always beneficial to have cars serviced by professionals no matter how simple the task. Certain cars like Audi and Volkswagen may require a different grade of oil than others, it is also important to know how much oil to put in your engine. If you are inexperienced there are many ways fill volume can be misjudged, and your simple maintenance attempt has gone awry.

With Routine Car Services Experience Counts

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