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5 Pointers to Buying Cigars

Finally ready to smoke a cigar? Here are top tips to help you find the right one, whether you’re going for Cuban or non-Cuban cigars:

Do your research

There are plenty of well-stocked Cuban suppliers online. Browse through their product choices so you’ll get a better idea which ones are easily available to you.

Thin or fat?

Fat ones tend to offer more flavor but could be a bit harsher while thin ones are great for beginners. Still can’t decide? Just start with a regular sized one and go from there.

Stay away from pricey ones

If this is your first time to smoke a cigar, stay away from cigars with high price tags. You won’t be able to appreciate the nuances of a fine cigar just yet, says the Gentleman’s Gazette. Given that, it’s better to start with something basic. Mild flavored cigars are usually cheaper as well so you won’t have to feel like you’ve spent too much on a cigar that you end up not liking anyway.

Consider the quality

Not all tobacco brands are equal. An excellent way to make sure you get high-quality cigars is to choose a reliable supplier. Go online and look for reviews and feedback. That’s one way to tell if you’re ordering from a reputable and trustworthy source. Don’t skip this step. The last thing you want to end up with is a box of bad cigars you’ll never smoke simply because you didn’t take the time to find a good supplier.

Go with what you want

Some smokers say Cuban cigars taste better while some insist non-Cuban cigars are gold. To decide which one to go for, try out as many types as you can. Exposure to a slew of types and flavors will help you pinpoint which ones you really like. Once you know your own preferences, you’ll be able to choose your cigars better.

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Tips to Help You Buy Cigars