Protect Your Business or Home Premises with CCTV Cameras in Cardiff

by | May 26, 2015 | securities

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and was home to more than 324,000 people in 2011. As the population increases, so does the fear related to crime. Although crime rates in this Welsh city are the lowest than any other UK urban location, it is advisable to take precautionary measures should you want to deter thieves and prevent intruders from preying on your premises. CCTV cameras in Cardiff are a worthwhile investment, because these useful instruments can monitor, digitally record and help the police reach you quickly in the event of a problem. To make the right buying decision, discover what the most popular types of CCTV cameras have to offer.

Covert Cameras

Mobile surveillance of this kind is popular in commercial and residential properties, because covert CCTV cameras in Cardiff are affordable and cheap to install. You can choose from lots of different brands and models when buying from a trusted seller. This isn’t the only reason to get them fitted on your premises though, because they are designed to be hidden from view. Ideal if you don’t want people to know your property is being monitored, this is a sure way of protecting your home or office.

Anti-vandal Cameras

Some criminals will attempt to vandalise cameras as a way of not being seen when they break-in or steal from the premises. With anti-vandal CCTV cameras in Cardiff, home or business security will increase greatly, thanks to the fact these cameras normally feature night-time vision. Crafted to deter unauthorised entry, the cameras will function to their full potential in hazardous environments. Flexible and fast, they suit the accommodation needs of most business owners and homeowners.

Fixed Dome Cameras

Another option to think about when upgrading security on your premises is a fixed dome camera. The name of this type of camera kind of gives away its appearance, which has a dome shape. It can be fixed to any part of a property. The dome casing offers an added level of protection against damage, vandalism and harsh weather conditions. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use, they feature a zoom lens that can sometimes be changed, based on your personal preferences. Motorised, varifocal and fixed are the three styles you can choose from. Browse website to get more information.

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