Garage Services in Petersfield – Extend Vehicle Life and Improve Performance with MOT and Servicing

Just like you might visit the doctor’s every so often to get health examinations and check-ups, it is essential that you visit trusted garages in your area for car an MOT. The Ministry of Transport test should be conducted annually as a way of detecting car faults that might affect safety and performance. Vital for increasing its lifespan, garage services in Petersfield should be arranged after covering every 18,000 miles or so. Thanks to car technology development, it has never been easier to maintain your ride. Feed your knowledge on the subject prior to comparing quotes from respected companies.

Spotting a Problem

Before the professional actually performs an MOT, make sure they don’t offer a pre-MOT check. This is just another way of getting more money out of you and could result in them doing the same job twice. For problems to be spotted properly, all parts will be examined, including:

1. Vehicle Identification Number
2. Lights
3. Registration Plate
4. Washers and Wipers
5. Suspension and Steering
6. Exhaust Emissions
7. Seatbelts
8. Breaks
9. Horn

What Happens During An MOT?

The point of an MOT is to make sure the performance, condition and overall operation of the vehicle is at its optimum level. Interior and exterior parts will be examined thoroughly and unusual sounds will be listened out for. If the vehicle identification number is not shown clearly, the car might not pass the MOT, so bear this in mind. Other checks will include headlamp and mirror inspection. If there are any leaks, corrosion or rust problems, you will be advised to get the problem dealt with at a registered testing centre. So long as the required standards are met, you can expect your car to pass the Ministry of Transport test with flying colors.

What Happens During Servicing?

Vehicle servicing is similar to an MOT, in the sense that it involves inspecting components. However, the job is not as thorough as an MOT and won’t cost as much. The better the service history noted on your vehicle’s documents the better, because this will affect its resale value. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emission levels may be checked at this time, as well as tyre tread depth, lights and headlamps, but each garage differs.

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