Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

Whether you are in the defence, furniture, transportation or other industry, you need quality fabrication for your unique products. It doesn’t matter if you need one particular bespoke item for a special design or a large volume order. Today’s modern manufacturing methods ensure accuracy and quality.

Tools of the Trade

Many of the same time honoured methods of precision sheet metal manufacturing are still in use today. Their accuracy and versatility are in place to ensure every specification of your project is perfect in every way.

The type and scope of your project is designed and followed through with an expert in design and implementation. You may be looking for a specialized fitting, a unique table, grill or rail design. Maybe new catering equipment is in your budget and you are looking for a unique look or specialty design to meet your needs. If you can provide a working design, there is a product that can be designed and manufactured for your business.

Several cutting, folding and finishing methods are available for your project. There are manufacturing options such as the 15-station CNC turret to minimize waste and maximize output. The utilization of punch pressing rather than laser cutting can produce accurate and less expensive cuts without sacrificing quality.

Laser cutting is still a quality and economical choice depending on your product’s requirements. Whether you are looking to see a prototype or a large volume production, the extreme precision and flexibility of this precision sheet metal process is an excellent choice for your design too.

When it comes to folding your project for finishing perfection, a top quality CNC folding machine capable of 100T pressing is the accurate choice for putting the final touches on your product. Utilizing the hydraulic aspect of this machine, it allows for precise bending of the product in an infinite number of varieties and styles to suit your build. Hydraulic crowing and Dutch folding options are available due to the Edwards brake press abilities.

Putting it All Together

When your product is ready to be finished and you need to choose quality finishing options, a full service company will have the ability to provide many options for the final steps in your product’s completion.

If you need galvanizing, plating or polishing, ask about how these processes will improve the look and wear of your production. Other manufacturing options include powder coating or perhaps expert machining or drilling for product attachment and other applications. Coordination of all these special finishing touches can be a part of your product’s design. With a product manager following the project from the drawing board to loading for delivery, you will be satisfied with the many professional options and bespoke design capabilities available.

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