Positive client comments are a good way to choose a removal company

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Moving and Relocating

If you’ve heard some horror stories from people who have moved house and have had a terrible experience, you should take notice of this and avoid making the same mistake when it’s your time to move home. Granted, some things happen that would be beyond the control even of a highly reputable removals company. For example, if the removals truck is involved in an accident on the road through absolutely no fault of the driver, this is unavoidable. However, if a truck breaks down because the removal fleet has been improperly maintained, and some of your possessions are stolen, this is a sign of an unreliable company. Likewise, if packers who arrive in your home seem to have little experience as to how best to pack certain items, you might find that the company uses untrained, temporary staff during busy periods. Find this out in advance and avoid these companies. The bottom line is that you certainly don’t need to add to the stress of a move by partnering with a company that won’t give you a professional and relatively comfortable experience.

Investigating removal companies in Exeter

It’s actually not that hard to find a really good company, or to avoid those with a bad reputation. Word of mouth is an excellent place to start. People love to tell stories about their removal experiences – most of them enjoy telling the bad stories, but others will happily give details of where they had their expectations met or exceeded. Any company can make you promises, but it’s listening to actual experiences that should best guide you. It is said that past service will influence future service and this is entirely true of removals companies. Click here to get more details.

How long have they been in business?

Longevity in the business is another sign that clients have been satisfied. It doesn’t mean that newer companies can’t offer a great service, but at least you have a track record with established companies and other clients you can speak to if a company has been successful for many years. Another good tip is to choose a company that is registered with the British Association of Removers so that you know you have protection in the result of anything going wrong.

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