Waste Management

Are you knowledgeable about recycling?

Very few people are unaware of the dangers of pollution and how the planet is becoming over-burdened by the results of humanity’s consumerism. Every day there are fresh images of sea creatures that have perished as a result of ingesting plastic, or of third-world countries that have piles of products that have been dumped there, usually from the West.

Even since the time of planned obsolescence, people have become accustomed to replacing items on a regular basis, and the advances in technology have made this much worse. As a result, the landfills around the world are filled to capacity, and the environment is under serious threat. With this in mind, many people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of recycling. Some feel that they can do very little, but if all 8 billion people on the planet started to take responsibility for their waste disposal, the problems would quickly be reversed.

The importance of recycling in the North East

In many countries there are now laws governing waste disposal. The great benefit of recycling is that it doesn’t place a greater strain on the environment. For example, every bit of paper that is recycled means that another tree doesn’t need to be felled. Plastic is particularly damaging to the environment as it doesn’t degenerate very well, which is true of all petro-chemical products. Fortunately, plastic can also be recycled and can be used in a variety of products. Any recycling activity takes energy, but this is less than is used to make a product initially from raw materials. As a result, it’s not just cost-effective to recycle, it also leads to energy saving. Visit here for more information.

Teach your children early

What many families find is that they can teach their children from a young age to separate the waste products. This way, people grow up with a natural inclination towards re-using or re-purposing items. Soon it will become unthinkable simply to toss something into a nearby bin and everyone will be conscious of how a household item should be disposed of in a way that is environmentally friendly.

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Waste Management
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