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Modern Double-Glazed Windows Allow for Even Greater Thermal Efficiency

Glass is becoming increasingly popular in homes and buildings. In some office blocks, entire walls are constructed of glass. The reason that glass is so desirable is that it’s a way of bringing the outside indoors – which is probably why many homes have a conservatory built on the side. People enjoy feeling that they’re part of a garden but not being exposed to bad weather. The problem with traditional glass is that it’s a good conductor of heat, so the sun’s rays penetrate in summer and create stifling conditions. In winter, the reverse occurs and any heat generated by various heating systems quickly escapes. It was for this reason that windows in homes in decades gone by were usually as small as possible. All this changed with the invention of double glazed windows. In all parts of the UK, including Farnham, double glazed windows allow for wonderful views, for natural light to permeate a building, and are increasingly good at providing excellent climate control as well.

How double glazing works

Double glazed windows are specially constructed to provide excellent thermal insulation. The two panes of glass are separated by a spacer, and the vacuum created is in turn filled by air or a gas. This gas is inert and is a poor conductor of heat; thus it prevents heat from escaping from a building during winter, and assists in keeping hot air out of a building during summer. It is estimated that double glazed windows in the average, semi-detached house in Farnham will reduced energy usage by almost 20%, although in some cases the figure can rise as high as 50% to 60%. This is when Low-E glass is used. It is a relatively new product that helps to increase the thermal efficiency of glass even further. Visit the website for more information.

It is very important to ensure that the double glazed windows are correctly manufactured. The spacing between the panes can be increased for greater efficiency, and the frame of the window is also important. Wood, aluminium and uPVC frames can be used, although until recently aluminium was considered ineffective. Heat travels easily through aluminium, so frames of this material negated the effect of the double glazing. Nowadays the aluminium frames are doubled and a barrier is placed between the frames so that they are well insulated. The entire window needs to be extremely well sealed so that the inert gas doesn’t escape and no cold air can penetrate between the panes of glass. If there are any leaks, you could find condensation between the panes of glass, which cannot be fixed. When this happens, the windows have to be replaced. Well-made double glazed windows should last easily for twenty years, and shouldn’t have any associated problems.

The benefits of double-glazed windows in Farnham are numerous. Contact the P & P Glass branch in Farnham to discuss the reasons you should be installing these windows.

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