Measuring Your Stairs for the Installation of Chair Lifts in Portsmouth

by | Apr 24, 2015 | Health and Fitness

When an elderly or injured family member struggles to get up and down the stairs like they used to, you may feel worried. Instead of stripping the individual of their independence by hiring constant help or transferring them to a care home, it might be a good idea to invest in chair lifts in Portsmouth. These devices feature a circulating steel cable loop, which helps to move the chair from one point to another. To ensure the installation runs smoothly, discover how to measure stairs properly.

Measuring the Length

Unless the chair lifts in Portsmouth can travel the entire length of the stairs, there will be no point getting them installed! Remember that you need the track to run along the whole staircase, so that you have enough room to get on and off the device. To ensure the chain and pulley mechanism works properly once the aid has been installed, get accurate measurements and dimensions of your property before buying.

Pay Attention to Obstructions

The chair lift’s inner mechanism is concealed with outer casing and the base. If something is left on the stairs, such as a jumper or a solid object, it will come into contact with the device and this could result in a malfunction. If a radiator sits near the staircase this could be a problem, because it might get in the way of the device or emit too much heat near it. Consider this when buying a chair lift and if you plan on installing it yourself, make sure you purchase the right amount of track from a supplier.

Focusing on Stair Design

Are the stairs curved or are they straight? Spiral staircases or stairs with a slight curve may require different chair lifts in Portsmouth than the ones fitted on straight staircases. The reason for this is because the mobility aids run along a track, which must be attached to the staircase before the actual device is installed. Wiring will run under this track and will be kept in place with brackets and screws. Ask the person installing chair lifts if he or she will visit your property and assess the design before installation takes place.

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