Issues Concerning Asbestos Removal

Handling asbestos and other hazardous materials properly and safely takes training and a clear understanding of the right and wrong ways in which such materials can be transported and disposed. In London and the South End, choose a qualified professional for your asbestos removal services. At Blue A LTD, we are the premier specialists to handle your asbestos removal requirements.

Dangerous and Deadly
Asbestos fibres have been found to have dangerous properties and be a leading cause of lung cancer and disease including mesothelioma. This is not something for the average homemaker to mess around with, as the fibres can easily become airborne and then be inhaled by the homeowner and/or family.

Leave asbestos removal services to the professionals who have been trained in the proper ways to safely and carefully remove and dispose of it.

How to Tell If What You are Dealing With is Asbestos
Not only is it difficult to know how to deal properly with asbestos, but at times, it can be hard to even know whether what you are working with IS in fact asbestos. Again, this is where a professional company like Blue A LTD comes in. Make sure the company you are choosing is capable of performing not only the removal and disposal but that they are able to provide surveying, sampling, and testing support as well. That way you will know exactly what it is that you are dealing with and for what you are responsible.

While you may not know it, you may have asbestos cement in your garage or bath, floor tiles or window sills, or even possibly in textured coatings and textiles. Only a professional company should be used to come in, collect samples without releasing dangerous fibres into the air, and advise you on next steps.

Risks of Non-Compliance
Aside from the obvious danger of dealing with this material, there is a risk of accidental contamination to the environment if the asbestos-containing matter is not properly bagged and transported. The regulations detailing the proper methods and labelling requirements are extremely complex and can be overwhelming to the ordinary layperson. And the penalties for failure to properly comply are significant. Don’t take chances with asbestos removal and risk not only health but severe financial costs as well.

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