Commercial Asbestos Removal – Safety Provisions

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Business

Commercial asbestos removal and asbestos removal in general should always be done with everyone’s safety in mind. Therefore to ensure everyone’s safety, it is important to find a company that can ensure that your commercial asbestos is handled with care in accordance with governmental safety and health regulations – HSE and Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Specifically, you will want to hire asbestos removal experts who are well versed in all asbestos management issues.

Our experts at Blue A LTD not only specialise in the proper removal of commercial asbestos, we also provide a variety of asbestos services (removal, surveying, sampling, testing as well as collection and disposal) to uphold your company’s standard of safety.

Removal Regulations
Asbestos regulations vary depending on whether or not your company is contractually responsible for managing the asbestos on the premises. But nonetheless, it’s important that you or your company contact an external accredited surveyor to properly identify where the asbestos is located. Knowing the location of the hazardous areas in your workplace or company will ensure that no unnecessary harm comes to anyone working on the commercial asbestos removal project or anyone present during the removal process. Additionally, carrying out the appropriate health and safety risk assessments as well as recording any vital survey or material analysis information will ensure that your company is not penalised for any serious safety breaches.

A Clear Asbestos Work Process Plan
By following a comprehensive commercial asbestos removal work process plan, your company will minimise the risk of any errors during the removal process. Such a plan generally has four basic stages. Stage one of asbestos work process or plan should always involve a preliminary survey of site condition and a thorough check of job completeness. Stages two and three typically require a comprehensive visual inspection as well as clearance air monitoring. The fourth and final stage of a clear and concise plan should involve an assessment upon completion of the removal project – this assessment should thorough ensure the safety of the post enclosure or work area.

If you are unsure about whether you are meeting the necessary requirements or regulations with your current project, one of our professionals at Blue A LTD can help walk you the removal process.

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