Importance & Uses Of A Fan Speed Controller

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Heating & Cooling

Most people never consider their fans or why they’re used. You may require them for a variety of purposes, from removing stale or polluted air to generating airflow to cool a space. Whatever your needs, to get the best out of your product you should consider a separate fan speed controller, which can help you control the speeds and set appropriate air changes.

More Control

Primarily, you need to be able to control the fans. There are thousands of reasons to use fans, but the point is that they work as designed. For example, restaurants frequently use fans to remove greasy air from fryers and other machines. Without it, you risk health issues, un-hygienic preparation & working environments, not to mention the smell that would linger.

The type of controller you need will depend on the fan you have & the application.

Where To Find

Primarily, these controllers are found from places like Anglo Nordic, who offers a variety of controllers for various needs. Some have 10 different speeds, others use an on/off switch that makes it easier to turn it on and off, depending on how you use your fans. Run on timers, PIR & humidity sensors are also available, with some units having this functionality built in.

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