Drain Services: When You May Need Them

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Drain services may not seem important, with drains and pipes being out of sight and often out of mind. However, when you begin to notice how slow the flow of water is when you are showering or water refuses to not go down your sink, then your drainage system gets your attention. When smelly and dirty water backs up in the pipes and sits in your sink or tub, then you are in dire need of professional engineers that provides a service for blocked drains in Poole. The cause of clogged, slow, and blocked drains us usually built-up dirt. Substances such as silt, grease, litter, pieces of soap, and hair are washed down your drainage system and may pile up with time. This build-up causes blockages as water cannot flow through. If the water fills up the pipes then it will back up and flood its source.

Drain Services Provided by Professional Engineers

Unblocking or cleaning plumbing should be done urgently to prevent damage that may bring high plumbing costs in your future. Blockages cause drains to lose their operating efficiency and hence a drain and pipe service job will be necessary to restore the proper water flow through pipes. Backed up water is a source of bad odours and may encourage growth of unwanted mould. Experts will use the most up-to-date equipment, and they are able to repair any drainage issues you may have. Professional engineers will use camera surveying tools to push into pipes to detect any blockages and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Experts Can Clear the Following Blockages:

* Removal of Tree Roots and Locating Manholes

* Stack Pipes

* Gullies

* Baths

* Sinks

* Showers

* Toilets

* Blocked Drains

Prevention Is Your Best Option

The approach to dealing with drain problems is just preventing them from happening in the first place. One of the primary causes of blocked drains is waste build-up. Regardless of whether it is at your residence or commercial this can easily be minimized. Simple prevention measure such as not substituting your toilet for your waste bin or strainers in plugholes that will catch hair, will go a long way in preventing blocked drains.

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