How to Protect Your Property from Damp Proofing Problems

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Water Proofing

When your property has damp issues it can not only cause severe damage to the property itself, but also health complications to you and your family members. It is good to be observant and take the right measures before any of the damp problems can take root in your property. One of the best ways to tackle the problem from occurring is to look into damp proofing solutions. Damp proofing in Eastbourne is provided by a professional who specializes in this line of work, they will be able to advice you on the best solution for your problem.

Choosing Remedial Surveyors to Resolve Your Damp Issues

More modern built homes are often constructed with damp proofing course which is added to the structure of the building, this is part of the building regulations. When a home consists of older stone they will have problems with rising damp issues which will cause the increase of moisture. The moisture will build up and cause mould to grow, and this can cause respiratory issues among you and your family. This is where your damp proofing specialists will be able to help you and advice you with a solution that will stop the dampness from getting worse. By choosing professional remedial surveyors to come by your home to do an assessment on your property, they will examine both the external and internal damp problems. Their timber and damp treatment services include rising damp control, timber resin repairs and woodworm and rot treatment. The ideal technique of timber resin repairs is for repairs and replacements of decayed ends or mid-sections of frame members, timber beams or joists without needing to remove the main body of the timber from your home.

Benefits of Having Professional Surveyors Conquering Your Damp Problem

Having professional surveyors come to your home and conquering your damp problem will give you peace of mind. There are many ways you can benefit from having specialist do this type of job. Their work performance is excellent and they have the expertise to resolve any damp issue you may have. These specialists have developed considerable experience and techniques in buildings of all sizes. Surveyors are fully qualified water proofing specialists that can offer detailed designs for any required below ground basement and water proofing conversions.

CavityTech Systems Ltd undertake a variety of timber and damp treatment services throughout Eastbourne, UK and surrounding areas.

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