Wall Tie Failure – What Makes This Happen to Homes?

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Water Proofing

Wall tie failure happens when there are incorrect or insufficient wall ties that have been installed or corrosion of existing wall ties. When galvanized steel or mild steel wall ties corrode, there is a build-up of rust which will cause the ties to expand in size. This causes pressure on the surrounding masonry which will result cracking in the mortar bed. The expansion in the external wall will also cause the brickwork to bulge outwards. Another reason for wall tie failure is poor installation. Where wall ties are concerned, it is highly important that these ties are installed correctly for the location, height, and type of a building as well as a tie of appropriate length for the cavity. If you think your wall ties are failing on your home, you can find experts that offer the service of wall ties in Brighton.

Experts Solve Retaining Wall Problems

The warning signs of wall tie failure include bulging brickwork, cracked brickwork, rust stained walls, and structural problems. Hiring experts to replace the wall ties on your home is the right choice. When the cavity wall tie is failing experts have the skills, expertise and a variety of solutions to solve the issue. These professionals will recommend the most appropriate structural repair for your home. They also will provide you with a written report for the work that has been completed.

Structural Issues Can Compromise Safety and Value

The value of these walls functional, aesthetic and property enhancing is significantly compromised when they start to fail. Retaining wall problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible for 2 reasons. The first reason is once a problem develops, it will only worsen and normally will become more expensive to correct. The other reason is a weakened wall can pose a safety issue since complete failure of a wall can release a lot of soil onto property, pets, and people. If you would like more information about wall ties, contact CavityTech Systems Ltd today by visiting their website.

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