Ensuring that HR professionals are up-to-date with employment law

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Lawyers

Most companies of medium size will have Human Resource (HR) specialists employed. If the company is medium to large in size, often it will have a dedicated HR department. HR practitioners have a wide range of responsibilities under their aegis. They need to find and select the right people for the business, to on-board and orientate them, and ensure that new staff members are given the right training to get them smoothly into their new jobs. All staff need to be remunerated timeously with the correct hours paid and the right legal deductions made. Then there are performance evaluations and on-going training of most employees to ensure optimum levels of output and satisfaction. Of course, there is also the need for the disciplining of those staff that under perform and the unwelcome task of having to retrench people when the company’s sales are down.

With this wide range of tasks, including the administration of the records of all employees, it is not surprizing that some HR professionals do not have the time to keep up-to-date with changing employment law. However, as legal action in business often transpires for a variety of reasons, it is essential that they make time to acquire this knowledge. For HR practitioners in Portsmouth, it is advisable to register for regular training with an employment law solicitor whose profession requires a constant knowledge of any changing laws, as well as how to apply existing laws to current employment practices.

Up-skilling your HR staff in Portsmouth

Regular training sessions should be scheduled with employment law solicitors, who might even be kept on a retainer for their legal input. This investment will protect against any misunderstanding on the part of an in-house HR professional, which could result in a costly claim from an employee. The areas covered in employment law would include recruitment and selection issues, how to handle absences from work, how to avoid any kind of discrimination lawsuit, ensuring that career opportunities are open to all and that vacancies are advertised widely and fairly. Legal action is most prevalent when there has been a dismissal, so this is one area, including the correct wording of an employment contract that should receive specific attention. Up-dating HR staff on the law – for example, maternity and retirement laws have undergone significant changes – would form an integral part of this training. You can click here to get more information.

Choosing the right employment law solicitors

In consultation with employment law solicitors, certain courses can be tailor-made for clients. Regular seminars will ensure that skills are kept current, and even interactive role-plays can take place to ensure that the HR professionals conduct themselves appropriately in any grievance procedure. Some legal experts are superb in their operations but are not as good in imparting their knowledge, so it’s a good idea to check that your legal partners are expert at delivering training and have excellent communication skills.

A professional employment law solicitor in Portsmouth can provide reliable consultation services for your company. Visit Amandacapon.co.uk today for more information.

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