Double-Glazing is good for your comfort and budget

Climate control is of great importance to any homeowner. With global warming a reality, weather patterns are increasingly disruptive with appalling winter storms and summers that are hotter than ever before. Wrexham has experienced this unpredictable weather over the past few years, leading many to consider their doors and windows and wonder whether double-glazing might not be the way to go. Everyone loves to have windows and glass doors in a home – they bring the outside in and let in light and sunshine. However, they’re a menace in the cold weather if they’re not properly insulated and are a source of draughts. There are enormous benefits to having single-pane windows replaced with double glazing, and the cost of doing this is usually mitigated by the savings that can be achieved.

Saving energy with double glazing

Research shows that single pane windows are responsible for about 40% of energy loss in a home. The price of heating is one of the highest items of a household budget, so anything that can reduce this figure should be welcome. It is estimated that having double-glazed windows can drop energy bills by up to 50%, which makes they highly cost effective. The benefits of double-glazing are not just for the icy weather. Double-glazing assists in all aspects of climate control by deflecting the harmful rays of the sun and keeping homes cooler in summer as well. You can click here to get more information.

The effectiveness of double-glazing

One of the main reasons for draughts and leaking is that windows aren’t properly sealed. Double glazing is more than just having two panes of glass close together. There are different ways of manufacturing double-glazing, but most allow for a layer of compressed gas between the two panes that doesn’t conduct heat well – hence keeping warmth inside during winter and outside during summer. These two panes then need to be effectively sealed, often with a silicone coating. Once the windows are securely installed, this means that draughts are eliminated. With the high year-round rainfall in Wrexham, double-glazed windows are also leak-proof, making them a must for every season.

Another major advantage of double-glazing is that it’s excellent at cutting out peripheral noise. If your home is close to your neighbours or to a busy road, these windows would be perfect. For the environmentally conscious, it has also been said that double-glazed windows and doors greatly reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions from our homes, making them an even more attractive option.

Morton and Jones have many years of experience in manufacturing and fitting high class windows with double-glazing in Wrexham and the surrounding areas. They have an established reputation of excellence in the Wrexham area.

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