Disposing of commercial waste

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Waste Management

Any waste that is generated by a business is considered commercial waste. To collect commercial waste in South Wales the company must enter into a binding contract with a licensed waste disposal carrier, it is not the duty of the local authorities to collect and dispose of it as if it was residential waste. Placing bagged waste on the street for collection without having a contract with either the council or a private contractor is illegal and enforceable.

In the event you contract with a licensed company to collect your commercial waste the company must provide you with a “Duty of care waste transfer” document, it must be issued before they commence waste collection from your premises. Standard waste such as paper, cardboard, foodstuff, cans, etc will be covered by a single code and are considered safe to be placed in a sack or container. Some waste cannot be placed in with general waste as it is considered dangerous; fluorescent tubes for example contain mercury and must be disposed differently. Refrigerators, waste oil, old vehicle batteries, medical waste, electronic waste also must be collected and disposed of by specialists. The company that collects these wastes must be in a position to provide a Duty of Care waste transfer document.

Articles which are oversize but otherwise safe for sack or bin are considered special collections. These items include such things as sofas, furniture, filing cabinets, etc. usually there will be an additional cost associated with pick up and disposal of these types of items.

All commercial waste in South Wales costs the business money to be taken away. The Environmental protection Act of 1990 allows the local authority to levy a charge against the business for the collection and disposal of their commercial waste, the cost of collection is not included in business rates which is different than the way residential waste is handled. It is against the law for any waste from a commercial operation to be taken home and added to the domestic trash for collection by the council. You can click here to get more details.

A company can dispose of its waste independently; documentation including transfer notes must be provided, the note shows the location of the tip, the weight of the waste material, the type of waste and the date it was disposed of. These notes must be maintained as a company record for two years. If you were to take commercial waste home for disposal you will not have the necessary documentation.

Commercial waste in South Wales must be collected and disposed of in a completely different manner than the collection and disposal of residential waste. If you elect to hold your waste for collection in a skip you are invited to contact Caerphilly Skips.

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