Benefits of Crane Hire Services

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Cranes

When working a construction site, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to have something lifted to a high elevation that’s too heavy for conventional methods. However, the construction company you’re working with might not have a crane of their own, since they’re quite expensive. Luckily, this is where crane hire services come into play. Essentially, they’re a subset of a normal repair and transport company that specializes in supplying cranes and operators for construction. What are the benefits of crane hires in Barnstaple as opposed to just buying a crane for your company? Read on for the answer.

#1. Convenience

Mobile crane units can lift up to 220 tons or more, they’re completely mobile, and the operators are trained to work quickly, but efficiently. The trucks are just mobile enough to squeeze into tight spaces between buildings, and even if they can’t, the crane can extend far enough to make up the difference. Whereas your typical construction crane is mounted to one spot, and is cumbersome to operate, even by the standards of construction equipment. Speaking of which, that leads to perhaps mobile crane services’ biggest benefit

#2. Cheap

Cranes, whether they be mobile or stationary, are expensive pieces of equipment. If you’re a local construction firm, you probably don’t have the money on hand to buy one outright, let alone maintain it and train/hire a worker to operate it. Crane services, on the other hand, are essentially crane rentals. The operator brings the crane in to the construction site for the work you hired them for, however long it takes to accomplish it, and then leaves when your business is concluded. They are significantly cheaper than buying a crane yourself, and then hiring an operator for the crane, with all the payments that implies.

#3. Flexibility

Expanding on what was touched on in #1, mobile cranes are also surprisingly flexible machines. In terms of structure and framework, they’re designed for the sole purpose of lifting a heavy load from any direction or angle without tipping over. But more than that, they make very little noise compared to other construction equipment and can even move sideways if they need to. This is one of the biggest reasons why these machines are so sought after, these seemingly small bits of extra flexibility actually remove what would otherwise have been hair-pulling frustrations for the workers.

If you’re setting your sights on having some construction done on your property, but need a mobile crane service, look no further than Nick Sampson Repair Company.

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