Things to Look for When Hiring a Mobile Crane

Cranes are always valuable in helping people to move, lift or lower materials when they are doing renovations or a total new construction. The versatile design of cranes makes them easier to be used for any job site and project. If your contractor is interested in crane hire in Barnstaple, it is advisable that they consider the following factors.

1. Terrain Type

Before you start hunting for a crane for hire, it is important that you first consider the type of terrain you will be working on. The type of terrain will help determine the type of crane you will hire. If you are not sure on the type of crane to hire, take your time and go through the different terrain models checking their specs or enquire from professionals.

2. Load Weight

Cranes do have different capacities with some being able to handle light loads while others can handle huge loads. It is therefore important to consider the load weight before hiring a crane. You need to take time and understand the weight of the items you will be moving or lifting on the crane.

3. Height Clearance

You should factor the nature of the working environment when choosing the crane height. If you fail to consider height clearance, you might hire a crane that will come into contact with adjacent power lines, structures and other types of obstructions. It is recommended that you take time and know the exact dimensions of obstructions and buildings where the moving, lifting and lowering of objects will be done.

In addition to the above factors, it is highly recommended that you also check on the insurance coverage of the contract, the price quoted, crane technology and design and if all the applicable licenses are present.

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