Asbestos Testing in London – What Exactly Happens?

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Business & Industrial

A lot of safety procedures must be observed for asbestos to be removed with minimal risk. However, before this fibrous building material can be removed, it must first be tested. The reason for this is because there are various types of asbestos out there and the way in which it is handled will affect whether or not it contaminates surrounding objects and fabrics. When you consider the fact that asbestos fibres can become trapped in furniture, clothing, bedding, curtains and other fabrics, having potential asbestos containing materials tested really is necessary. Here’s what would typically happen when the testing process takes place.

Samples Will Be Collected

Before asbestos testing in London and the surrounding areas can be carried out efficiently, samples of the suspected material should be taken. The reason for this is so that the person testing the asbestos can differentiate it between the common types. Some common types of asbestos include white chrysotile, blue amphibole minerals of asbestos and brown crocidolite asbestos. All types can be equally as hazardous to health when inhaled and the issue should be taken care of before exposure becomes a big problem.

Various Areas of the Home Will Be Tested

There are some typical areas of a property that will be inspected by the professionals offering asbestos testing in London. These include the roofs of sheds and garages, the linings of walls, ceilings and doors, floor tiles, rainwater pipes, gutters and the insulation that surrounds storage heaters. The more thorough the inspection, the lower the risk of you being exposed to large amounts of asbestos. Larger properties that were built over 30 years ago will likely have been constructed with the use of asbestos and so if the thought of demolition is daunting for you, it may be worth discussing reconstruction options with someone who manages asbestos on a regular basis.

Photos, Analysis and Management

You can expect the people performing asbestos testing in London to take several photos during their visit to your premises. These pictures will be viewed by an expert team, who can then assess just how many areas the asbestos saturates. Once it is analysed, it can be managed in a controlled way through the selection of an appropriate removal method. In the event that asbestos is present in large amounts, demolition or reconstruction may have to take place. This can of course affect price, so if you want to be prepared, get asbestos testing completed.

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