Are Personal Alarms For The Elderly Of UK Really Necessary?

by | May 12, 2015 | Health and Fitness, Majestic Blogger

We live in a civilised society and, over the years, we have gathered together to pool our resources for the common good by electing Governments to pass laws that are intended to provide full protection for everyone. So why would we need Personal Alarms For The Elderly Of UK – isn’t everyone protected regardless of their age?

Why Would The idea Of An Elderly Personal Alarm Sound Negative?

This is because the very concept of personal alarms for the elderly in uk raises doubts over precisely how civilised our society has become. Human nature does tend to make us always think the worst of any given situation which means that we will picture personal alarms being set off whenever an elderly person is being mugged in the street (or worse).

But, Crime Is Not The Only Reason For Providing An Elderly Person Alarm

Unfortunately, we do have muggers at large and elderly people can be seen as easy targets by such criminal elements. However, crime prevention (or catching criminals in the act) is not the prime purpose behind providing somebody with an Elderly Person Alarm.

Without going into the morality of the situation, there are large numbers of elderly people who do not live in the same house as their younger (and fitter) friends, relatives or helpers/caregivers. Given that people live longer these days and are tending to have smaller families; there is also a growing number of elderly persons who have no living relatives or friends.

With advancing years, our bodies get weaker through both the passage of time and the effects of illnesses but, this does not mean that, upon reaching a decreed age, everyone has to be placed into a hospital or care home. Many people of quite advanced years are still perfectly capable of living alone and taking care of themselves – most of the time and barring accidents.

Personal Alarms For The Elderly UK Residents Within Their Homes

For any elderly person there has to be an increased risk of slipping, tripping and falling over or other domestic accidents. Frailer bones will break easier than younger ones and can leave an elderly person incapacitated and unable to summon help or assistance. The same applies to sudden incapacitation following the likes of unanticipated stroke or heart attack. If the so-effected elderly person had forearmed themselves with a personal alarm of the type provided by SureSafe Personal Alarms; then assistance could be on its way within seconds of the incident.

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