All about Animal Microchips from Vets in Durham

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Veterinarian

Trusted vets in Durham can help to protect your pet by microchipping them! A study was conducted where it revealed that out of 7,700 stray pet, only 22% of the non-micro chipped pets are returned to their owners. This means that one in every five stray pets is reunited with their owners. That is how important microchips are to a pet. It does not mean that the 78% of the pets did not have a form of identification at their moment of disappearing; some had name tags. Unfortunately, the writings on the tags may have been worn out or the tag might have gotten lost.

What are microchips?

Microchips are a small glass cylinder equal to the size of a rice grain. It contains an electronic device with the ID of your pet and it also has a radio transmitter. The chip is injected into your pet painlessly. It is very affordable to inject the chip into the dog. After the injection, the chip lasts for more than 25 years.

What Do They Do?

When stray animals are brought to the animal shelters, they scan them for chips. The information in the chip is used to locate the owner. The same study mentioned above revealed that 51.2% of the pets were reunited with their owners as they had the microchip.

Point of caution

You however need to be cautious about the person injecting the chip as there have been medical complications related to the injection of the microchip. Some microchips have been injected in the wrong places and yet some have been wrongfully injected. In other cases, there have been tumours around the area of the implant.

To avoid such cases, consult a professional vet from Ashfield Veterinary Surgery in Durham to implant the microchip on your pet.

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