Why uPVC Window Frames are a Good Option

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Doors and Windows

When it comes to selecting new windows there are a number of features and options to consider. One option is UPVC Windows in Edinburgh. These frames are superior insulators and specifically designed for holding double glazing. When installed properly, the uPVC window frame can help to conserve energy, reduce the production of greenhouse gases and help save you money.

Trends with uPVC

uPVC is considered the most commonly used residential framing material for windows. In fact, it makes up more than 80 percent of the market for residential windows in the UK. However, Australia is still a bit behind in terms of this technology and has not fully jumped on the bandwagon of all the benefits offered by uPVC.

Advantages of uPVC

One of the biggest benefits offered by the uPVC material is the fact that it can be recycled up to 10 different times. There are now a number of programs that have been specifically developed to keep the uPVC material out of landfills.

Understanding the uPVC Material

Poly vinyl chloride, or PVC is a common materials, most often used in plumbing. When the “U” is placed in front of it, it means it is unplasticised, which makes it strong and rigid for window frames. When it is necessary, this material can be reinforced with metal so hardware attachments can be added.

It is a somewhat simple plastic that has a composition of 57 percent ordinary salt, 40 percent ethylene and other additives including colouring and stabilisers.

While most oil products are used right away to create energy, uPVC offers a number of products that can last for several decades, after which they are able to be recycled. Less than three percent of the crude oil output is necessary for producing the chemicals used in plastic. Only a fraction of that is used for uPVC. This means that uPVC products draw very little from the fossil fuel reserves, which means it offers benefits that can last a lifetime, especially in the case of the uPVC frames for windows. You can click here to get more information.

With all the benefits offered by this material, it is clear to see why uPVC window frames have become so popular in the UK. There are many window installers and manufacturers in Australia that are now also using this material due to the many benefits it has to offer home and business owners.

Learn more about the benefits of UPVC Windows Edinburgh by contacting the Window Advice Centre.

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