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When Do You Need a Glazier?

When working on your home or business, you often will run into projects that are very easy to tell what trade of craftsmen they belong to. Plumbers, electricians, and roofers are some of the more common trades whose job is fairly easy to point out. Some jobs are not as easy to distinguish. A glazier is one of them. Knowing when to call a glazier is, however, very important to the quality of your glass installation or repair at your home or business. Also what glaziers in Livingston should you call for quality craftsmanship and fair prices? First, what do glaziers do and when should you contact one?

Inside Your Home or Business

There are many more projects in your home or business that requires glaziers than you might realise. In fact, without knowing, you can easily call the wrong contractor for a job best suited for a professional glazier. Many people think that a glazier only installs window pane, but their range of work is much broader than that. Mirrors, glass handrails, glass electrical covers, stained glass windows and glass splash backs are just a few. Here is why. Glass is not the cheapest material to buy. When you hire someone to install anything glass in your home or business, you want the best. The best at working with glass are glaziers. If it’s that mirror that you need cut to size, or that glass handrail everyone sees when they walk in your front door, you want it done right the first time.

Outside Your Home or Business

What about the outside? First take a look at your windows. On a cold day if you feel any drafts of cool air inside your window that means you’re losing heat. Sometimes the whole window needs to be replaced but sometimes that is not the case. Sometimes just the damaged or broken pane can be replaced. Your glazier will take it out, replace or repair it, putty it back in professionally. What about skylights? Proper installation or repair of your skylights not only keeps the cold out, it keeps the rain out.


This is where you save money calling the right contractor. A professional glazier knows when your glass is repairable or not. Sometimes you may think a window, mirror or other glass article may need to be replaced but that may not be the case. Another contractor may even tell you to replace it. Take it from the people who work with glass every day. Contact your local glaziers in Livingston. You will be glad you did. It could even save you money.

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