What to do when you need unexpected car repairs

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Automotive

There can be nothing worse than having warning lights come on when you’re driving your car and wondering why on earth the brake pads or the battery are highlighted on the dashboard. This is particularly true when you have been fastidious about having your car serviced and are always careful to ensure that the oil, water, and tyres are in good order. No matter how much care you’ve taken, even the best maintained cars may suddenly develop an unexpected fault. The best you can hope for is that it’s not late at night, that a garage is nearby, and that the anticipated bill will not be staggering!

What to do when you need car repairs in Torquay

If your car has been serviced locally, it is best that you take your vehicle to the garage where you know and trust the technicians. If you are away from home and are visiting Torquay, it’s always a good idea to check the internet to see who the reputable garages in the area are. You can rest assured that most people will post negative comments if something hasn’t been done to their satisfaction. People are much less enthusiastic to post positive responses, so don’t be put off if you don’t find glowing reports. If you do see that some customers have been unhappy, it’s worthwhile reading further to see how the business in question has responded. Most garages are careful with their reputation and will want to resolve an issue swiftly to the satisfaction of the car-owner, if at all possible.

You should also check to see the type of staff employed by the garage. Some actually list the names and qualifications of their technicians and this can be very helpful. If you are driving a car that is under warranty, you don’t need to go to a garage that specialises in that make, provided that the garage in question states that they can carry out the work on your car according to manufacturer schedules. Click here to get more details.

Having repairs carried out

Most garages that do car repair work in Torquay will be fitted with high-tech diagnostic equipment. Gone are the days when a mechanic would spend a few hours searching under the bonnet. These days, technicians will connect your car to a diagnostic tool and will quickly be able to tell you where the problem lies. Make sure that no work is conducted without your agreement. It is unlikely that this would happen, as staff are usually trained to consult with you and to explain what needs to be done, as well as to inform you if any additional work needs to be carried out. Following the repairs, you should receive a detailed invoice and it should tie up exactly with what was discussed with you. Any parts that needed to be replaced should be itemised clearly.

When you need car repairs in Torquay carried out, you need to partner with a business that is reputable and reliable. Monnington Motors Ltd has many years of satisfying customers in Torquay, and can be contacted if you wish to make an appointment for your car.

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