Waste management has become a must

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Business

Fully integrated waste management in Exeter is an established method of waste disposal. This approach to waste management includes the separation of various materials and recycling as much as possible, with only that waste which is of no value going to landfill sites.

Waste management is all inclusive; it involves the collection of waste from households, construction sites and from buildings being demolished.

Simply as a by-product of existence, humans generate a fantastic amount of waste, they always have and they always will. Everything that is accomplished results in waste, preparing meals or manufacturing electronic components results in waste, some of which can be used for other purposes while other waste needs to be disposed of in an effective manner. If waste is not handled properly the results do not bear thinking about, it will become an unmanageable problem leading to ground, air and water pollution beyond control.

For the system to work effectively takes the attention of not only those involved in waste management in Exeter, it requires the consumer and industry to help by separating waste. As well as waste separation at source, waste management agencies are focusing more on the reduction of waste so there is less to deal with. Industry is doing its part by developing manufacturing processes such as packaging design that utilises either bio-degradable materials or less material. Individual homeowners are making a concerted effort to generate less waste and recycle more. Many household goods that are still useable or operable can be reused or repurposed by others.

One major bottle neck in effective waste management is transportation. Often landfill sites are in remote, hard to access areas. This is being dealt with by specialist companies that deal with waste management in Exeter; they can deliver and retrieve skips from construction sites and from households, the waste is segregated on site and disposed of in the best possible manner.

Waste disposal is a serious issue that must be dealt with. In the past the approach was to simply take everything to a landfill and bury it. As space, pollution and environmental concerns are making this option exceedingly difficult. Today, waste management companies strive to recycle at least 50 percent of the waste they deal with. Plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, steel, aluminium and glass are all valuable commodities, when these materials are recycled they are put to good use, they reduce considerably not only the amount of raw material needed but also disposal facilities.

Waste management in Exeter is available from EMS Waste Services. EMS accepts construction and household waste as well as asbestos and farm plastic for recycling.

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