Top Myths About Septic Tank Emptying in Taunton Busted

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Septic tanks are an integral part of the sewage system. Concealed beneath the ground, they are usually built with concrete or brick. Designed to encourage anaerobic micro-organism growth, septic tanks reduce the volume of sewage sludge by draining bacteria-filled sewage water. A few things can contribute to flooding near the tank, such as the ground conditions, physical damage and an increase in flow. If you don’t know much about these tanks and want to reduce the chances of septic tank failure, make yourself aware of the top myths associated with prefrabricated and traditionally built tanks.

Chemicals and Cleaning Products Can’t Be Used

Most people think that chemicals and cleaning products cannot be used for septic tank emptying in Taunton, but this is in fact a myth. If you search the web you will find all sorts of cleaning products that are specially made to flush scum and sludge away. Although chemical cleaning products do work for removing the liquid layer, which is also known as grey water or effluent, a more environmentally-friendly option would be to use products made with earth-friendly ingredients. A good company should be able to present you with some eco-conscious options if you are concerned about your carbon footprint. Click here to know more.

Once Installed, You Don’t Have to Do Anything

This is also a myth, because while the septic tank can be relied on to continuously do its job, it is your job to clean the tank. It is possible to hire someone to complete septic tank emptying in Taunton on your behalf. Should you choose to do it yourself, you can prevent flooding and other problems with the following tips:

1. Trim trees and bushes around the septic tank to prevent aggressive roots from invading the system.

2. Divert rainwater away from the septic tank by replacing roof gutters and planning landscaping accordingly.

3. Use less water for smaller loads of laundry and further reduce water consumption by using a displacer.

The Septic Tank Only Needs Emptying When Full

A question that a lot of homeowners may ask is, “How often do I need to get septic tank emptying in Taunton completed?” and the answer to this question would be when solids reach five percent. Typically, a family of four will produce around 160kg of solids annually. This would equate to 6-8 percent on a tank that holds 2,600 litres, therefore it’s best to empty it once every 2-4 years.

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