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Three Must-Have Features to Look for in Prestige Rent a Car London

Does your vehicle lack high-quality equipment? Is it a bit disappointing in terms of aesthetic appeal and performance? If so, it may be time to invest in a new car but before you do so, it’s worth paying for prestige rent a car in London. When you rent before you buy it is possible to assess the comfort level of the ride, as well as its overall appearance, internal and external features, top speed and its head-turning factor, among many other things. Whether a hatchback, station wagon, convertible or sedan body style is appealing to you, don’t say “yes” to the rental company before you check that the vehicle boasts the following modern features.

GPS and Satellite Navigation

Reading a map whilst driving can be dangerous and you may have to pull over multiple times at the side of the road to determine which route is best. This is where GPS and satellite navigation comes in handy. Most modern vehicles owned by companies that provide prestige rent a car London will be equipped with GPS tracking, allowing the driver to optimise and monitor each journey with accuracy.

Air Conditioning

Sitting inside a car for long trips can leave you feeling sweaty, particularly if the sun has got his hat on! Air conditioning will come as standard with prestige rent a car in London. This climate control feature can be adjusted to suit your preferences and not only will it alter the interior climate but also, it will prevent the windows from steaming up and reduce air pollutants.

Parking Sensors

If you aren’t the best at parking and don’t want to scuff the bodywork when you pay for prestige rent a car in London, choose a vehicle with parking sensors. These sensors detect when an obstruction is in your path, making it easy for you to perfect parking skills.