The Real Danger of Dry Rot in Glasgow

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Dry rot in Glasgow can be full of surprises but none of them are the kind you wait for with excited anticipation. As a matter of fact, typically the words “surprise” and “dry rot” are not even something you want to hear in the same sentence. While it is in fact endemic to the region it does not mean you want to have to deal with it on your own.

The Biggest Issue

Most people understand that dry rot is a nuisance that you have to deal with directly. It is not something that can be put off. A lot of people are not really sure what dry rot is but they do know that it is not something they want infiltrating their property. Briefly, dry rot is a fungus. It needs moisture to grow and the right conditions.

The biggest issue with this fungus is that it can quickly cause structural damage. Other issues include:

* A musty odour in the property

* Unsightly damage to the wooden surfaces

* Staining of the wood

Whether you are familiar with household plague or you just have heard about it, you likely know that if you suspect it you will need an expert to help you get it under control. Visit here for more details.

The Treatment

Taking care of this on your own is never recommended. You need an expert that can eradicate the dry rot and locate the cause. It takes experience to be able to quickly identify the cause and come up with an actionable treatment plan. One thing is for certain the sooner you act the sooner you will be able to get the situation under control and protect your property. Richardson & Starling are a good option because they have been working in the property preservation sector since the 1930’s.

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