The Process of Having Your Car Serviced

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Automotive

Car servicing in Torquay ensures your vehicle operates at optimum performance, runs more efficiently and that your car is safe to drive. Many drivers know the importance of car servicing but how many know exactly what takes place during servicing? Car servicing in Torquay examines the exterior, interior and the parts below the car.

This is how a general car servicing takes place;

* The first step is to book your vehicle for servicing. There are two kinds of services; full service and interim services. Interim service is carried out after six months. The purpose of interim service is to make sure that your car is road worthy. A full service is done every year or after covering 12,000 miles.

* The first place to examine your vehicle is the exterior parts which includes the wheel trims. Your vehicle is covered with protective covers.

* The lights, horn, and seat belts examined to make sure they are working well. The number plates, mirrors, wipers, wipers alignment, headlamps, mirrors, and windscreen are also examined. The mechanic checks the ABS lights and the clutch and fuel cap are examined also.

* The mechanic then moves to the bonnet area where he checks the battery terminals and the auxiliary drive belts. He then checks whether the radiator hose is leaking and the strength of the anti-freeze.

* If you have taken your vehicle for full service, then the mechanic will check the condition of the pollen filter and cam-belt to see if they need to be replaced. If the clutch cables or hydraulics need to be adjusted, the mechanic does it.

* In addition, the mechanic checks the expansion bottle, cap and HT leads.

* Finally, your vehicle is raised up for the mechanic to examine the wheel bearing. The brake and wheel drums are removed and checked for corrosion, cracks, scoring, and distortion.

* The mechanic examines the wheel cylinders, callipers, brake hydraulic system, handbrake, tires and oil leaks.

* When the diagnostic operation is over, the mechanic refill or replaces sump-plug washer, oil filter, and gearbox and axle oil. The brake or clutch fluid is also topped up and the battery terminals lubricated.

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