The Most Overlooked Car Services

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Automotive

Car servicing in Newton Abbott is probably more of a hassle than a pleasure. It’s easy to forget to go in for, and it can be difficult to schedule around your busy life. However, it is a necessary process, and if you put in a little extra effort, the right car maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle and prevent other issues. So what are the most overlooked car services that you should consider for your vehicle?

Air Filters and Air Conditioning

You’re always focused on keeping the car running, but what about your comfort in the cabin? Air conditioning and air filters are essential to the comfort of your ride. Obviously if your air conditioning goes out, you’re going to struggle with the heat and stagnant air of your car, but this is not the only reason to get it regularly checked. A break down in air conditioning can actually cause a rash of other problems throughout your car, so be sure to keep it well maintained. Air filters also serve a very important purpose. They keep the air in your car clean. If the air filters are out of date, you can end up with some nasty and lingering smells, and nobody wants that.

Power Steering

Keeping your steering in good condition seems like common sense, but it’s more commonly overlooked than you’d think. Because power steering is mostly run from behind the scenes, it’s hard to tell if it’s wearing out until it’s already too late. This is why maintenance is extremely important on power steering, rather than waiting for a problem to present itself. A failure to maintain the power steering leads to its slow deterioration, making it harder and harder to make turns, until it eventually breaks down all together.

Wheel Alignment

This is another problem that can be difficult to detect visually if you’re not looking for it, which means you have to get it regularly checked. Most places suggest you get your alignment checked annually. If your wheel alignment is off, it can have disastrous consequences, especially if it is getting worse over time. Bad wheel alignment leads to your car veering in one direction when you’re driving straight, and either turning too much or resisting a turn when you are cornering. It can cause crashes and other problems, so keep an eye on it.

Adding more items to your vehicle maintenance check list may seem like the last thing you want to do. However, when getting car servicing in Newton Abbott, be sure to check these often overlooked problems. They will increase your vehicles durability and keep you driving longer.

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