The differences between standard glass and tempered glass

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To manufacture glass, sand, soda ash and lime are combined and subjected to extremely high temperatures until the mixture melts. This liquid is further processed by drawing, blowing or pressing, once the glass is formed it either is allowed to slowly cool on its own, in which case it is standard glass in Farnham or it is put through an annealing process, in which case it is tempered.

It is the annealing process, which is a process where the glass is reheated and then cooled, or the conventional cooling process that determines whether the glass is tempered or not. Standard glass is simply allowed to cool naturally. Quick cooling of the glass is what makes it stronger, tempered glass is four times as strong as standard glass and it breaks differently as well.

An obvious difference between tempered and standard glass is the way in which it shatters. When standard glass is broken it results in rather large, irregular shapes pieces and extremely sharp shards. On the other hand, when tempered glass breaks it results in many small pieces which are quite evenly shaped. Tempered glass poses much less of a risk of injury; hence it is used frequently in doors, shower enclosures, etc.

Standard glass tends to break or crack where it was impacted; often this leaves glass still in the frame. Although tempered glass is far more resistant to impact, when it does break it breaks completely, there is no intact areas at all. This is the primary reason why tempered glass in Farnham is the preferred glass in areas where safety is of paramount importance. Standard glass is a deterrent to anyone wishing to break in and enter the house as sharp, broken glass remains in the frame. You can visit here to get more details.

Bothe tempered and standard glass have an identical appearance although tempered glass is considerably more resistant to scratching as well as being more resistant to heat. Either tempered or standard glass can be produced in various sizes and thicknesses and is available plain, tinted or coloured.

Due to the fact that tempered glass is less likely to break it was the standard at one time for glass doors and other areas which were potentially dangerous to people. Although tempered glass in Farnham is still used extensively, laminate glass is also popular for similar applications. Laminate glass consists of two layers of glass separated by a plastic membrane between the two, this “sandwich” is advantageous because should it be broken, the glass will not shatter.

There are a number of different types of glass in Farnham including safety glass, back painted glass, toughened glass and obscured glass; all of which is readily available from Allways Glazing Works.

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