Superb Characteristics of Amazing Wedding Venues in Bedfordshire

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Wedding Venue

When planning a wedding, you need to make a number of decisions like the venue, dates, dress code and such. A wedding venue is among the most important decision as it influences a lot of the other choices. There are many wedding venues but to find one that suits your needs, consider the following three points.

An On-site Coordinator Provides Valuable Insight

It is advantageous to book a venue that provides a coordinator. The coordinator knows the area so well and so they have important insights to compliment your planning. The coordinator works hand in hand with your wedding planner to ensure everything runs smoothly. This takes a lot of worry and stress away from you. With a good planner, you can be sure the catering, décor and everything else will be ready in good time.

Flexibility Influences Ease of Planning and Costs

When it comes to a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, flexibility is seen in how the place allows you to enjoy the area and to come up with personalized scheduling of event. Some places reserve the area for one wedding at a time and go the extra length of partitioning rooms according to the number of guests available. In such places, you can hold the ceremony and the reception under one roof. For weddings with a lot of cultural elements, cultural food is important. If you are planning such a wedding, make sure there is a chef accustomed with your cultural cuisines for moth watering meals.

Accommodation Facilities

Some of your guests will travel far and wide to make your day beautiful. After the wedding, some guests may decide to rest before traveling back to their homes. If the venue does not offer accommodation, they should at least have options of hotels or places that can accommodate your guests at good rates. The Auction House provides personalized wedding venue services. Their reception area can hold up to 600 guests and they have an onsite coordinator to help you.

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