Step by Step Guide to Conveyancing

If you are planning on buying a house, you need to understand conveyance. It will help you understand the value of the house and the current business situation before buying a house. As a first time home buyer, you do not have to settle for what comes your way and that is where conveyance helps.

Here is how conveyancing in Caversham can help you secure your dream home;

* Contract of sale – This is the first step when buying a home. You sign the offer for a house then the seller approves it. Before the conveyance solicitor signs, he scrutinizes the offer to make sure that all the important details are clearly outlined. If anything is missing, he follows it up to make sure the offer is complete. When the conveyance solicitor signs the offer, it marks the beginning of the sale.

* Title searches – The conveyance solicitor searches for the property title deeds in the state where the property is located. If the titles have a problem, he rectifies it before the scheduled time for the sale elapses. If the title does not have an issue, the property is registered in your name.

* Examine covenants and easementsConveyancing in Caversham helps you to know if the premise has any easements, covenants or renovations. You have the right to cancel the contract if you are not comfortable with the property.

* Any concessions – Check whether you are entitled to property concessions or grants. If you are entitled to any, inform the conveyancer in good time.

* Last stage – Agreement settlement is the last step when buying a home. It takes a round a month which gives you and the seller enough time to prepare all documents and requirement for the transfer. The conveyancer takes this time to make sure the house is not built on a planned corridor or an easement.

Who says you must have a difficult time when purchasing your home? Contact the solicitors at Harrisons Solicitors today.

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