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Sheet Metal Fabrication Plays a Huge Part in Our Everyday Lives

Sheet metal work got one of its earlier starts for the purposes of making armor. Soldiers and knights needed metal armor to protect them against the weapons of their enemies, but the armor had to be light enough to actually allow for movement and fighting. The idea was to create armor that was thin and light but durable, which was accomplished by creating thin plates of steel. Sheet metal fabrication has come a long way since its inception and actually has a hand in creating many of items that we have come to rely on for our everyday lives.

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?: Essentially, sheet metal fabrication is the process of creating products from thin sheets of metal using tools to cut, stretch and shape the metal into a desired form. Initially, this was done using hammers and heat, but now we have more complex tools including lasers to help us achieve precision and allow for more precisely made sheet metal components. This process can be performed on a variety of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, brass and mild steel.

Where Can We Find It?: Sheet metal is present in everyday items such our electrical cabinets, kitchen extraction hoods, computers, television sets and even furniture. Most of our “machines” rely on sheet metal work for necessary parts including your car. Sheet metal is also present in most locks and door hardware. Lifesaving equipment such as control unit cabinets, and certain medical tools also contain some form of sheet metal.

Sheet metal can also be purchased from a store or online should you need to repair a broken part or want to use sheet metal to create something for yourself.

Sheet metal work is a very necessary part of our daily lives. Without sheet metal work, we basically would not be able to enjoy life as we know it.

Laser Cutting
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