SEISS Assistance? Try an Accountant, Epsom

by | May 4, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you’re currently self-employed and struggling to make ends meet as a result of lockdown or the damage that COVID-19 has wreaked on the British economy, you’re not alone. Self-employed Britons around the country are closing up shop or unable to continue operations in the face of weakened markets and less demand. In recognition of this, the British Government has developed several schemes in order to support the self-employed financially. One of these, the SEISS, has recently been extended in its third iteration. In order to qualify, claimants now need to be able to submit more information than before. If you are based in Epsom, working with an accountant in Epsom can make filing a claim much easier.

Part of being eligible for the third form of the SEISS is being able to prove that your business has faced shrinking profits as a result of COVID-19. More specifically, your business must be currently trading or have recently stopped trading as a result of reduced demand. It should also be reasonable for you to assume that your profits are going to continue to be lower than usual due to reduced activity or demand in the face of COVID-19. Demonstrating that these factors apply to your business may be challenging. Working with an accountant in Epsom can make it much easier to put together a claim that is both compelling and accurate.

There’s no need for you to struggle alone to put together an SEISS claim. Working with an accountant in Epsom can make the process more straightforward and give you a much greater chance of success. One firm based in Epsom with an experienced, professional team of accountants is David Beckman Co. Ltd. If you are self-employed and based in the area, consider contacting the firm before you attempt to file your SEISS claim.

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