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Roof Repairs in Nottingham – What Type of Roofing is Best?

Taking preventative measures is important if you want to avoid roof repairs in Nottingham. With help from a professional roofing contractor you can protect your investment and avoid problems, such as damp and sagging. If you want to prevent issues and reduce the chances of your roofing deteriorating over time, learn how to lengthen the lifespan with suitable roofing materials. From pitched roofs to flat roofing, there are lots of options to think about when enhancing the exterior of your home.

Mineral Felt

A cheap option for homeowners is mineral felt. Most buildings fitted with mineral felt will be medical facilities, schools and public buildings. Why, you ask? Well, the felt is bitumen-based and easy to apply. Despite this, it is possible for moisture to make its way in, which is something that can happen with a lot of roofing materials. Fiberglass and GRP are two other options you might want to think about when getting roof repairs in Nottingham, because these roof coverings work well. However, a con is that the surface material may weaken if temperatures change dramatically.

Mastic Asphalt

An alternative option to mineral felt is mastic asphalt. Although it was used more frequently on properties back in the 20’s, mastic asphalt is still widely used today for roof repairs in Nottingham because the bonded material stays in place and works well on all kinds of buildings. Perhaps the only problem associated with mastic asphalt is that it can crack when exposed to very wet and dry weather conditions, which means moisture ingress could happen. Signs of this include mould and damp patches, so inspect regularly and get brittle areas replaced as soon as possible.

EPDM and Rubber

Most flat roofs will be covered with an EPDM or rubber coating. If you hire someone with expert knowledge and experience to fit this kind of roofing for you, you can guarantee that it will last for up to 30 years, so long as you maintain it well. To extend the life of an EPDM and rubber coated roof further, contact a roofer to sand the fiberglass topcoat. This will act as a protective shield against cold and hot weather, as well as debris build-up in the form of leaves, twigs and dirt. Strong and durable, fiberglass works well in any environment.

If you think you need assistance with roof repairs in Nottingham, collaborate with W R Leivers for commercial and domestic services.

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