Residential Home with Quality Care and Nursing Staff

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Assisted Living Facility

For elderly people at the later stages of life it can be a difficult decision to ask for help and making that step to move into a residential care home. To make sure you are making the correct decision it is important to realize what kinds of care and care home facilities are available to you, and what kind of home will be the best for you and your needs. You want a care home that can provide a safe environment, quality care and experienced nursing staff. There is a reputable care facility that offers residential care in Devon and has NVQ qualified care staff available.

Receive Quality Service and Exceptional Care

Since, everybody is different; with spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs it is important that you be treated with a customized care plan that is designed just for you. This will guarantee that you are given the correct kind of support to live your life with respect and dignity. When you choose residential care you will feel safe and welcomed as well as comfortable. Nursing staff and care providers will make sure you feel at home during your stay at their facility. There are many services made available to you such as well-balanced menus, luxurious dining rooms, a chiropodist, and in-home hairdresser. NVQ qualified care staff arranges daily activities to motivate the residents and there is a lounge with televisions set up for residents to meet one another and socialize.

Friendly, Clean and Safe Environment with Breathtaking Scenery

When you choose a reputable care facility it will exceed your expectations. You will be amazed by the friendly residents and nursing staff, the clean care home and the safe environment with 3 acres of breathtaking scenery. The beauty of the Victorian home is surrounded by outdoor space and quality living areas indoors. It is quality residential care you can truly rely on and enjoy the company of other residents while you are there. If you would like more information about residential care, contact Torr Home today by visiting their website.

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