Purchase Considerations when Buying an Electric Wheel Chair

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Wheelchair Repair Service

Electric wheel chairs, commonly referred to as a motorized or power chair, are an extremely popular mobility solution for those who do not have the arm function or upper body strength to operate a traditional, manual chair. Electrical wheel chairs in Taunton can help to also ease the burden of caregivers and even eliminate the need for companions for some.

The electric wheel chair utilize batteries, rather than arms, to move. They can be used both inside and outside. The existing electric wheel chair models are available in a number of sizes and configurations, offering custom features that ensure the user receives the right type of controls, power and seating for their specific needs. There are a number of modern chairs that have even been designed to easily fold away for easy transport.

The majority of electric wheel chair options are available in three different types of wheel drives: rear, mid or front. For superior maneuverability, a user should consider choosing a chair with front wheel drive. These are ideal for inside, but should be used with caution at higher speeds since the turning radius is often less than other chair options. These types of chairs are also able to move easily on more rugged terrain thanks to the larger wheels that are mounted in front of the seat.

If the electric wheel chair is only going to be used inside, then a person should consider a mid-wheel drive chair, which typically uses six wheels. These are also offered in models that are smaller making them ideal for apartments or senior living facilities. The larger models can serve for both inside and outside use.

If you are seeking superior stability and all around use, then a rear wheel drive chair should be considered. These chairs are able to move swiftly and have a large turning radius. They are also able to easily carry more weight and move up inclines without a struggle. You can click here to know more.

Another consideration to make when selecting an electric wheel chair is the power controls. Unlike the traditional, manual chair options, which was moved by muscle power, electric wheel chairs can be controlled with the fingers, or other parts of the body. The controls range from the standard joystick, to a specialty switch, such as a sip and puff device. In most cases, your healthcare provider will help you choose the best control option.

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