Pros and Cons of an Air Source Heat Pump

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Tools and Equipments

If you run a business, such as hotel, restaurant or retail shop, you no doubt understand the important of keeping your customers comfortable. An environment that’s too warm will have them rushing outside for fresh air; too cold and they will quickly be reaching for their sweaters or jackets. An air source heat pump can help regulate the temperature inside of your establishment, keeping customers and employees comfortable and happy. Air conditioning equipment in Devon should be purchased from a company with technicians who can install and maintain the system for you, so that you can concentrate on your business activities. Like anything, though, there are pros and cons to having an air source heat pump.

Air source heat pumps are comparable to ground-source heat pumps, but the heat is extracted from the air instead of the ground. There are two classifications of air source heat pumps: air-to water and air-to air. The former uses water in the heat distribution system, while the latter uses air. The term ‘heat pump’ suggests that it can only be used for heating purposes; however, there are split systems that can provide cooling processes as well, as some models are equipped with both a heating and cooling mode of operation. Keep in mind, though, that these split systems cannot provide cooling and heating simultaneously.


* They are low-energy alternatives to traditional boiler systems.

* They generally cost less to install and maintain; since they extract heat directly from the air, there is no need for underground coils to be installed, which can be costly.

* They cost less to maintain because there are not as many components to work with and thus less components to potentially malfunction.

* They are environmentally friendly. They use less greenhouse gases and are more energy-efficient overall. This can greatly improve your carbon footprint.

* There is no need for flues or ventilation, with no explosive gases or combustion in the building, making it a safer option.


* During a heating season, the outdoor air temperature is less than ground temperature, which could affect the heat pump’s COP, or coefficient of performance. The result could be a lower COP, meaning less efficiency.

* Test conditions and manufacturer’s findings can be vastly different than practical operation in a production environment.

Air conditioning technicians can analyse your needs and advise you on what system would work best for your specific environment. They are trained in a number of different heating and cooling systems, and will help you make the right decision so your business can run smoothly and efficiently.

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